Applications in other industries

Today's applications of the ATD-Pressure Gas System in modern industry are varied and specially designed for production requirements.

Others are reflecting the original application of the cardox principle used for the break-up of solid and compacted materials.  i.e.

  • Loosening of fertilizer and other bulk storages
  • Breaking of concrete
  • Prospecting of tunnel and shafts


Important advantages of the ATD-System for these applications:


  • ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes are used as "ready for action" charges. They are safe to handle and transport
  • ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes work with cold CO2 gas. It is therefore, considered safe to use in the presence of flammable gases.
  • The ATD-Pressure Gas System is especially suited and approved for loosening ammoniated compound granulas fertilizer
  • ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes offer a high rock-breaking capacity while reducing the amount of dust and loose fragments.