More then seventy years

is a long time to be on the job; but that is how long the ATD-Pressure Gas System is specia­lized in the remo­val of build-up and cross-sectio­nal obstruc­tions in a wide range of indus­trial appli­ca­tions. Expe­rience like this teaches you impor­tant things. That is how ATD have been able to contin­ually deve­lop new pro­ducts, new proce­dures and safety fea­tures to make the ATD-System the safest, most reliable and most effective system of its kind world-wide.





24 hours a day,

seven days a week our clients have to keep their material moving. But: at every stage of their ope­ration, build-up and chokes can shut them down. Changing raw mate­rial condi­tions and the rising amount of secon­dary fuel compo­nents are lea­ding to more unwan­ted deposits and build-up. Produc­tions losses and down­times can be the expen­sive conse­quences.



The ATD-Pressure Gas System

is especially engin­eered to reach the require­­ments for its use during the pro­­duction with none or mini­­mum shut-down time and feeding reduc­­tion; it offers the online-remo­­­ving of build-up under heat.

Regard­less where the pro­­­­blems are loca­ted: 

rotary kilns, furnace flues, waste incine­­­rators, cupo­las and their peri­phe­­ries as pre-heater towers, Lepol grates, cyclones, feed pipes, coo­lers and sto­rage facili­ties.





In all those areas

the ATD-Pressure Gas System offers counting advan­­tages for the bene­fit of each Cement pro­­ducer:



  • powerful, fully controlled capa­city of the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes suited to the special require­ments of the plant


  • build-up remo­val within minutes by using ATD-Tubes "ready for action"


  • by easy placing of Bases ATD to react on chan­­ging build-up condi­­tions


  • well-aimed "blasts" only where the build-up really occurs



  • dramati­cally enhan­ced safety by working from out­side the plant without the risks of opening all the doors and poking holes that expose the workers to the hot material
  • precisely defi­nition of the capa­city and effect of the ATD-Tubes
  • no damaging of the plant by using safety dis­tances to the refractory
  • exclusive use of controlled and autho­rized equip­ments by the valid laws and regu­lations
  • to be used by well trained ope­rators through experi­enced ATD-crew members accor­ding clear Ope­rating Instruc­tions